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November 20 2013

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and i mean i am not an aggressive shipper most of the time usually when i don’t like a ship i will just stay quiet about it??? ereri being the main exception but w/ ereri there were personal lines crossed and even then like i tag it clearly as ship hate so it’s like. i’m not here to start fights i’m here to play some fucking badminton


That one character that’s so ridiculously cute you just wanna pick them up, inform everyone that “this is mine now” and then take them home


only northern hemisphere kids will get this joke right now:  winter

i’m cold and gay someone alleviate this

don’t ask me if i ship something if ur just going to get offended when i say i don’t????

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im trying to be more positive *sheds electrons and becomes highly unstable*





aph prussia would have a poketeam consisting entirely of fairy type pokemon don’t you even try to tell me otherwise

spritzee snubbul dedenne togepi cottonee azurill

he nicknames them “ita-chan”, “ita-chan ii”, “ita-chan iii”, “ita-chan iv” and “ludwig”

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a basic represention of every mission carried out by the survey corps

faabulous replied to your post: “it’s weird talking to new people about hetalia because their favorite…”:
are you ready to worship our lord and savior aph poland /LATE TO THE PARTY

jfc i love poland„„, i love every hetalia character someone help

i have no threshold of complaints the only thing that could stop me would be sleep

man A$ just ruins everything like. I can’t really “like” any celebrities because sooner or later they will probably come out in support of it. puzzle pieces have really cute shapes but obviously that’s their fucking thing. april’s a nice month but they claimed that too. fuck autism speaks

soon i can use this icon again…….soon………

mosoli replied to your post: “mosoli replied to your post: “lesmiserabizzle replied to your post:…”:
"did you know that 100% of polish people whove had sex with me think i have nice eyes?"

roemenie replied to your post: “it’s weird talking to new people about hetalia because their favorite…”:
friend let me tell you about aph romania

please tell me about aph romania


i permanently associate virginia with the nordics tbh


why use slurs when there’s such creative insults out there like “carton of milk opened on the wrong side” and “orange juice with pulp”

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